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Softwall Clean Rooms (SW Series)

Powder Coated Steel Softwall Clean Rooms (SW Series)

Clean Room Depot designed this as a portable solution to create a Class 10-100000 clean room environment without the high cost and constraints of a hard wall system. It’s affordable, reliable, energy efficient and easy to assemble as well as disassemble. The prefabricated wiring system makes electrical hook-up simple with factory wired components and leg-mounted on/off switches for lights and filters. A single point electrical hook-up or heavy duty line cord (under 15 amps) are provided, which may eliminate the need for an expensive installation.

Softwall Clean Rooms (AS Series)

Aluminum Softwall Clean Rooms (AS Series)

Clean Room Depot’s AS Series Softwall Clean Room System provides a wide variety of enclosure solution to create class 10 (ISO 4) - 100000 (ISO 8) clean rooms.
The AS frame system is designed for fast construction and can be easy customized. Enclosures can be fitted with soft vinyl panels as well being outfitted with various types of 1/4" rigid panels.
The AS Series is available in many standard sizes and options.

USP 797 Clean Rooms (US Series)

USP 797 Clean Rooms (US Series)

Isolation and environmental control has taken a huge step forward for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.
The USP 797 Enclosure System allows you to adjust the insert channel of the frame for different sizes of solid inserts from 1/8" to 3/8". The USP 797 design creates a snug interior mounting of the insert that is flush with the frame, making the assembled wall easy to keep clean.
  • Can be fitted for wall panel inserts of ABS, polycarbonate, aluminum composite, acrylic, tempered glass or other materials.
  • Easy-to-clean features are ideal for USP 797 applications for pharmaceutical compounding and medical device manufacturing, assembly and packaging applications.
  • Suitable for ISO Class 4 (Class 10) applications ...

Suspended Ceiling Softwall Clean Room

Suspended Ceiling Softwall Clean Room

Another innovative approach to build any size clean isolation area without the cost and space constraints of load bearing walls or framework, is a 2" grid system was designed to suspend from your facilities overhead steel joist by means of threaded rod & turnbuckle hardware. The unique channel connectors and spline extrusion makes field installations quick and easy without any drilling or tapping. All systems are pre-gasketing at the factory to insure a complete seal at components intersections. Its 2" wide heavy duty aluminum construction and suspension system can safely and independently support all clean room ceiling components unlike hang wire system.

Modular Airlock Clean Rooms

Modular Airlock Clean Rooms

Clean Room Depot’s Modular Airlock Clean Rooms assemble quickly with minimal use of tools. Many applications can be assembled in less than one hour. The latch-together system provides strong, positive connections at walls, corners, ceiling-virtually every connection. Because of the modular design, Airlock enclosures are equally effective in both permanent and temporary applications. They can be easily expanded or reconfigured to meet ever-changing demands.

A. Low outgassing, closed-cell, foam gaskets seal frame-to-frame connection.
B. Vinyl inserts lock into frame with airtight seal; insert cannot be knocked loose from accidental impacts. Cleaning is quick and easy.
C. Frame construction with knock-together corners allows for ...

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