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Item # AS7284, Air Shower (AS Series)

Clean Room Depot’s (AS Series) air showers and tunnels are self contained chambers designed to effectively remove particulate contamination from personnel before entering the clean room. Each air shower or tunnel supplies high velocity air streams of Class 100 HEPA filtered air through adjustable nozzles which lift off contaminates while an individual stands in or walks through the chamber. The nozzles are strategically arranged on the walls and ceiling to direct contaminated air downward through pre-filtered grilles and hollow wall returns and back to the HEPA filter which is 99.99% efficient at removing particles at 0/3 microns and larger. Maintenance and filter replacement are simplified and performed primarily from outside to minimize downtime during servicing. Units are available in (9) standard straight thru configurations as well as custom right and left turns and 2 & 3 way entry systems. All air showers and tunnels meet federal, military and industrial specifications for air showers used for pharmaceutical, aerospace, electronic, biomedical and other precision manufacturing applications.

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Overall Dimension A

72 in

Overall Dimension B

84 in

Inside Dimension A

60 in

Inside Dimension B

72 in


Safety Glass Door
Amber Acrylic Door

Electric Eye Activation

99.9995% ULPA Filter at 0.12 microns, Laser Scanned

Ionization: AC or DC

440-460 Volt/60 Hz/3 ph. Operation

220 Volt/50 Hz/3 ph. Operation

Ceiling Mounted HEPA Filtration

Required Cleanliness Class/ISO Certification





Electrical Specifications

Motor Power

5 hp

Current @ 230 V

18 A

Current @ 460 V

10 A

  • 1-180 second adjustable time cycle
  • Blower generates minimum nozzle velocity of 6000 f.p.m.
  • All locks open automatically in the event of power failure
  • 1" diameter nozzles effectively "wash" the worker
  • Durable Kydex laminated interior
  • Audible alarm
  • Standard operating voltage 208/220-460 Volt/60 Hz/3 ph.
  • HEPA filter eliminates 99.99% of all particles 0.3 microns and larger
  • Electrical interlock system prevents accidental access to clean room
  • Heavy-duty aluminum doors with full glazing, hinge sets and electrical locks for long, trouble free performance
  • Modular construction with complete drawing and installation package, provides flexibility for moving within building and during installation
  • 24 VDC passage lock includes built in micro switch with fail safe mechanism, as opposed to solenoid plunger which is prone to failure
  • Emergency panic buttons with logic circuitry, (1) inside and (1) outside each door, will deactivate the system


Test Certification
(PDF, 161KB)

Clean Room Planner
(PDF, 1253KB)

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